Indialantic Elementary PTO Minutes


December 11, 2018

The meeting was called to order by VP Kinder, PTO President at 8:15 AM

Minutes reviewed and approved

In attendance

Present : Dr Braga, Buffy walsh, kasey newman, Danielle Mooradian, Colleen Tobia, Sarah Horschel, Lacy Dickerson, Valeska Redon, Susan Pinsky, Jodi Daigler, Garret Dweyer, Rosie Amorosa, Lyada Leevil, Lisa FLodin, Simon Kemp, Jayn Hoffman, Peter Kopecek, Dana Chesser, Kimberly Bernard, marie greco

Father Daughter Dance

  • 244 people and can expand to patio
  • Doing it he2re this year, 6-8 pm tickets 25 and 5 for each child
  • Working on theme
  • Hoping to have ten volunteer
  • Food similar to previous

Dr Braga administrative report

  • Mr Armstrong anyone interested in helping with field day Wednesday and Thursday next week
  • We will send out to homeroom moms
  • Last sac meeting discussed security
  • Since we have had a true lockdown
  • Dr Braga goes around and checks every door with the officer to make sure every door was locked, Dr Braga was impressed how fast the police surrounded our school at each street,  
  • There is a lockdown at a school in the district at least once a day! Usually for activity in the area
  • All the schools will have panic button that notifies entire school and the district also will have a button for teachers  to ask for help immediately
  • Now 20 more radios are ordered for distribution to teachers
  • We have a plan in place for relocating school with three options
  • Giving tree have 11 gifts and 100 dollar donation to help basket and holiday dinner
  • 8 days left before break
  • School is closed till jan 7
  • Iready is running smoothly, second semester kids will use iready in school and every three months take a diagnostic test and learning plan is developed
  • Dr Braga said the district is planning a uniform book of what they can say for the messages
  • More cameras are installed and all isles have cameras
  • Next year the  entrance will be changed, windows externally will be protected in some way
  • Childrens kitchen set is done and kids are thrilled

Jayne financial

  • Gross income 30,000 expenses 14,000
  • Dads club totals pending 1,140 (don’t know food expenses yet)
  • Holiday shop roughly 10,000 in sales, looking around 2700 in profit
  • 14,000 to Boosterthon we made approx.  25,000
  • Exon Mobile gave 500 for science and math

Parents night out

  • Adventure AQ
  • Hilton
  • Masa
  • Paradise Bank
  • Musician reserved DJ reserved
  • Tried intercostal and they aren’t interested in hosting
  • Zoo another moms idea?
  • Catering was about 3000 in past , and cant advertise alcohol
  • Buffy and Susan will make executive decision regarding final choice  and stay beachside
  • Please begin asking about donations

Display items made by Scott for spirit tag sales

Starting to sell in January


Meeting adjourned 850  am