Indialantic Elementary PTO Minutes

April 24, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Lindsay Toor, PTO President at 8:15 AM

In attendance

Robin Pennington, Erica Ramsaran, Buffy Walsh, Jen Mcgill, Jacqueline Miles, Lisa Flodin, Basha Doto, Jennifer Weatherhoff, Jenny Zentz, Simon Kemp, Dana Chesser, Kimberly Bernard, Michele Militano, Suzy Maxon, Marie Grecco, Steve Kino, Stuart Manore, Mike Mirda, Ernie Wong, Angela Wang, Colleen Tobia, Stephen Tobia, Valeska Redon, Jayne Hoffman, Liz Waldo, Velia Flores, Tina Deskovitch, Susan Pinsky ,Lindsay Toor, Dr BragaApproval of Minutes

The minutes were viewed from February motion Jayne approve, unanimous vote approved, no abstain   


Dr Braga

Got a grant paid for half of the 14,000 playground pto 7,000; applied for sign funds 14,000 plus installation board will pay for half the sign but not half the installation because it was not in the grant
Deskovitch helped with County money and dads club to increase security cameras on order, will have entire outside and every hallway; TV monitors will be placed so we can see 16 at same time, getting new umbrellas for the tables on order and a bigger area designated as a lunch spot; will be redone for next year
Projection 769 students for next year, computer actual lower as numbers get closer will see how many teachers for certain 6 in 6th grade other classes may be four or five , six K teachers hope to have six next year, sixth kindergarten class wil be in a classroom not a portable like last year
Fences were not designed by Dr. Braga, they are part of the hardening of schools safety plan to make all school have a single point of entry, next year will have a formal gate pass Lanyards are for the parents that walk their children on campus from 7:45 to 8:00 am and/or pick them up at the door at 2:25pm.not for babysitter unless stipulation

After Parkland state passed a bill that took two weeks in summary 2 million for mental health(round number not to the penny) for our district and can hire more mental health, 96 million 67 counties to harden schools

Change hard locks alone is 1.5 million

Bill gave us money for sro getting 4 million used to get 2million we need 7 million to complete sro

Sro with sheriff’s office or municipality, our portion is about $33,000 ; sheriff’s office do not have their portion

In negotiations with all municipalities to get officer in every school. Issues are funding, other is staffing, Satellite can do it by August 1, we are 88 officers down in our county Melbourne city is short 15 officers, with all the money in the world we can’t find the people to fill the positions and most places say could take up to three years, sro or guardian bill says by August first

Guardian program school district and sheriff have to approve and get 132 hours fire arm training, teachers cannot be in that group of trained guardians, sheriff Ivy thinks 176 fire arm training hours, five solid weeks of full day training. We are looking at non teachers can be library administrative, etc also have to be a concealed holder , 10 per cent are concealed carry in our county; survey 20 per cent have concealed carry, need prior military or law enforcement, carry permit, background check psychological and board of review drug screen and principal has to approve

Tonight meeting 7pm Palm Bay High school

Viera School Board May 1 7pm

Jackson Middle School may 7 7pm

Current plan a vote may 8 at Brevard School Board Meeting

Questions contact School Board 321 633-1000 ext 412

District 1 Misty Belford haggard-belford.misty@brevardschools.org

District 2 Mr John Craig craig.john@brevardschools.org

District 3 Ms Tina Deskovitch descovitch.tina@brevardschools.org

District 4 Mr Matt Susin susin.mathew@brevardschools.org

District 5 Andy Ziegler Ziegler.andy@brevardschools.org

Dr Desmond Blackburn Blackburn.desmond@brevardschools.org

Dr Braga expressed thanks for opportunity to speak and for getting involved

Lindsay please volunteer for spring fling

Budget info addressed as a handout from Jayne Hoffman

Meeting adjourned 9:45 am