Indialantic Elementary PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Indialantic   Elementary

Indialantic Elementary PTO Minutes 

January 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Lindsay Toor, PTO President at 8:15 AM

In attendance

Lindsay Toor, Lori Braga, Susan Pinsky Jane Hoffman Alexandra Laureano, Jenny Zentz, Heather Brennan, Laurence Sautreul, Jayne Hoffman, Lisa Flodin, l

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were viewed and approved, no obstain


Jayne Hoffman presenting(see sheet)

20,000$ rollover from last year not on sheet

23,000 net income thus far

40,000$ less till end of year than previous year, but still events to come

Game night 921.16$ k-6th, very much liked although not big $$

Holiday shop$2,500

Jog a thon 26,589$ (36% of total generated)

Movie night 1600$ minus 400 expenses total 1200 $ profit

Principal’s Report

1.Window broken on campus, suspects seen on camera, police taking care of from here
2.Boarders will happen and mulch by end of this week and end of month projected for use of equipment
3.New computers at County waiting to be imaged, extra cart ordered to help with transport
4.Mrs Braga would like to purchase the goggles from the approved vender from last meeting and proposes she will pay for one set of 20 and PTO pay for second set Jayne Hoffman motion to approve purchase of VR goggles Second Alexandra Laurzano awesome paper crunch slide change non opposed motion passes

5.Still working on sign and sign paper work, current cost 13,033$ for sign, it is 6 inches shorter and want it 10 foot by 6 inches which adds 600$ not including installation which is up to 5000$, Pinsky to get measurements of Hoover sign; Jenny Zentz move to cover additional cost beyond 15,000$ budgeted and budget 18,000$ motion second Lisa Floden non opposed motion passes; LED will last 5-8 years but then the sign will be a school initiated project and half of upkeep costs will be covered by county

6. Inside survey will come out today

Working on finding more planning time for teachers, Next year Friday will be early release based on high school needs to have classes off campus on Wednesday when school is formal in session; thanksgiving may be one week long,Jayne notes Mrs Egen will help with math and science and Mrs Braga said lots of faculty support

1.Still waiting for gates fro front waiting for push bars in back Deskovitch helping
2.Camera and tv screen up in front office
3.Teacher changes Taliya moving to sixth to replace Olinger ,retiring teachers Olinger Egen Dr Moody Chaterton
4.Asked for return of stem lab, cost approx. 60,000$ concern is cost and space as numbers will increase next year maybe 770 students, Jayne suggested go fund me
5.Parent teacher conference Feb 7, Dr Seuss week Feb 26 through March 2 with picnic, 4th grade to fort Christmas feb 6
6.Looking into race details Susan contacting drack Lindsay looking into permitting

New Business

LED sign extended budget approval (see above)

Committee Reports

February 9 Daddy Daughter Dance/6-8 pm; working on DJ on characters, need decorating committee sign up for moms to make pasta Alexandra will make, ticket sales week prior does before and after school, needs help Friday afternoon Pinsky volunteered, characters 90$ per character from Beauty and the beast
Ladies night out or other –Lindsay to develop survey of homeroom moms about type of event Pinsky could chair with Lindsay in sales if people show interest if no interest will not do this year, can arrange informal babysitting but not from school official
Movie nights dads need support for advertising starting two weeks prior Mrs Braga can not have students passing out fliers near the cars but can ask Mr Rodenberry and Armstrong to help , PTO can also help all agreed this past event as a very busy week with lots of conflicts,
Friday jan 26 funtown 5-8
Mon feb5 science fair
Tuesday fb 12 spring pictues
Wed feb 7 parent teacher conference
Friday feb 9 father daughter dance 6-8
Feb 14 interim report
Feb 19 presidents day student holiday

Next PTO meeting Tues feb 13 2018

Next Meeting

Feb.13 ,2018 @ 8:15 AM-Cafeteria

Motion to adjourn was made at 9:07 AM and was passed unanimously.